What is ProHeart 12?

ProHeart 12 is a medication that prevents heartworm disease in dogs 12 months of age and older. Your veterinarian gives it to your dog via an injection and it protects your dog from developing heartworm disease for 12 full months. ProHeart 12 also treats common hookworm infections your dog may have at the time of injection.

What is heartworm disease and how can my dog get it?

Heartworm disease is a serious, potentially fatal illness where worms grow in a dog’s heart and lungs.

Mosquitoes spread heartworm disease when they bite a dog. A single bite from an infected mosquito can put your dog at risk for developing heartworm disease.

What are hookworms and how could my dog get them?

Hookworms are common parasites that can live in a dog’s intestines. Your dog can get hookworms by eating hookworm larvae (young hookworms) that may be in the dirt or they can get hookworms through skin contact.

What should I discuss with my veterinarian before using ProHeart 12?

  • General health – ProHeart 12 should only be given to healthy dogs.
  • Changes in behavior or health, including weight loss.
  • Allergies – Past or present, uncontrolled allergies, including food, flea or skin allergies.
  • Past problems with or reactions to vaccines or medications.
  • Current medications, supplements or special diets, including those you can get without a prescription.
What to expect once you decide to protect your pet using ProHeart 12
  • ProHeart 12 should be administered initially at the time of your pet’s blood parasite screening.
  • After administration, we recommend intestinal parasite screenings every 6 months as ProHeart 12 does not cover intestinal parasites other than hookworms.
  • Repeating this screening after the first 6 months of your pet’s initial injection also qualifies you for the ProHeart Zoetis guarantee. If your pet tests positive for heartworms or hookworms after their initial injection, their treatment will be covered. This is valid as long as your pet stays current with their ProHeart 12 injections.
  • You can also earn rewards with the Zoetis app! Just download the app and upload your invoice for the treatment to earn points. You can cash out these points for veterinary services at Rocky Gorge and other participating hospitals. Talk to your veterinarian to learn more about this offer. 


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