Horrible Heartworms

Horrible Heartworms

By Dr. Karen Farnan, Veterinarian When I was in Vet School I did a necropsy on a dog who was euthanized for severe heartworm disease. The sight of those worms is something that I have never forgotten. Big, white spaghetti-like worms filling up the heart and the major...
Spring Has Sprung – Seasonal Pet Tips

Spring Has Sprung – Seasonal Pet Tips

By Dr. Steven Wolchinsky, Veterinarian Now that you’ve made it through the winter you’ll be anxious to get outside with your pet and start your Springtime activities. Everything from gardening to spring cleaning is on the list as you prepare to get out and about. Your...
Spring Poison Prevention for Pets

Spring Poison Prevention for Pets

By Dr. Rachel Duncan, Veterinarian We all want to keep our family safe, including our four-legged family members.Pets are amongst the most vulnerable for poison ingestion. Dogs and cats are keen to explore new things, ingest substances quickly, and are not able to...

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