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New Innovations in Communication at Rocky Gorge

Jun 28, 2019 | Practice News

By Dr. Steven Wolchinsky, Veterinarian

It’s no secret we love technology here at Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital, especially when it improves our patient care and how we communicate with our pet parents. Between the online medical appointment and prescription refill request tools on our website, the seasonal tips and tricks on our blog and social pages and of course our state of the art medical equipment – recent technology advances have helped us improve the speed and accuracy of how we acquire diagnostics and how we communicate it back to you.

While Rocky Gorge has always been focused on the best medicine for our pets, we want to continuously improve our communication with clients. New technology companies have stepped in to help. Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital is happy to partner with Vitus Vet, a mobile app that gives you all of your pet’s medical information at your fingertips!

Vitus Vet offers you full access to your pet’s medical records and enables you to share important information with multiple vets as well as with your family and friends. You can even request an appointment through the app and create reminders for visits, medication dosages and more. You are also able to control what information you do or do not receive on the app.

And now, Rocky Gorge is introducing the ability to communicate by text or app with your veterinarian via Vitus Vet! This will allow us to be able to send educational material directly to you, and when there is a current medical threat to the health of your pet we can quickly and efficiently communicate that to you as well.

Currently there are a few companies that are developing this technology and linking them together with other solutions so the information flows seamlessly. As in most industries there is a battle to see who is going to create the best solutions and which companies are going to play nicely with each other. Over the next year all of this will get worked out, but until then things will be a little “messy” and won’t be as seamless as they can. But just like most technological advances, this will happen first slowly and then very quickly. We ask you bear with us through the growing pains of this technology, and we will do all we can to implement these advancements as seamlessly into your experience with us as possible. In the end, these technologies will allow us to provide better care for your furry friends and our attention can be on treating your pets and less on answering phone calls.

However, Rocky Gorge will always be available for you to speak with us directly and the pet/owner/doctor interaction will never go away. The systems to convey the information that we generate and the efficiencies for you to get the medications and information to continue to increase the quality and longevity of your pet’s life will always be our primary goal.

We invite you to download the Vitus Vet app, and explore the new technology! Within a couple of days after you tell it you are a client at Rocky Gorge, your pet’s medical records will download into the app. We believe it is an amazing tool for managing your pets care.  

If you’re at the hospital and want to discuss the changes in technology in veterinary medicine or anything else, please reach out to me. I am always happy to sit down and discuss it!


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