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12 New Year’s Resolutions From Your Pet

Dec 21, 2021 | Pet Tips

By Dr. Meegan Weiler, Veterinarian

#1. I will lose that 5 pounds (OK maybe 10) the vet keeps bugging me about. Love, cat and dog
#2. I will try super hard to pee inside the litter box and not on your fresh laundry. Love, cat (most dogs get a break on this one)
#3. I will not fight with the cat.  Love, cat and dog
#4. I will not eat poop of any species of animal.  Love, dog (cats aren’t that stupid)
#5. I promise to try really hard not to scoot my butt on your carpet.  Love, mainly dog and a few select weird cats
#6. Vomit on the tile and not the expensive rug. I got it already!  (Both implicated)
#7. When you ask for a nail trim at the vet visit I will try to keep my s#*t together.  Love, cat and dog.
#8. I will not bite the nice people at Rocky Gorge. I will not bite the nice people at Rocky Gorge. (Love, both but we would like to put a special shout out for the cats to work on this one)
#9. I promise not to shed ever again. Kidding, love cat and dog.
#10. Vaccines are to keep me healthy – I get it…..maybe. Love, cat and dog.
#11. I will gently wake you up at 4am with a nose nudge instead of a paw slap to the face.  Love, cat and dog.
#12. Lastly, I will always be the best friend you look forward to seeing every day. Love, cat and dog.

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