The First Annual Giving Tree is taking place at

the Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital Resort! 

This 2021 holiday season, we ask you to visit the resort and take an ornament from the Pet Giving Tree, located in the resort lobby. You’ll find ornaments for dogs and cats. Check out their picture on the front and see a few items from their holiday wish list on the back!


How the Giving Tree works:

  1. Stop by the resort and pick an ornament from the Giving Tree.
  2. Please fulfill any and all items on their wish list.
  3. Bring your unwrapped gifts and tag back to Rocky Gorge and place under the tree before December 24th.
  4. Short on time? We have $5.00 and $10.00 pet store gift cards available at the resort desk to give to the nonprofit.


It’s an easy and fun way to give back this holiday season. Every item will be donated and shared with our pals for Christmas.


Thank you for making the First Annual Pet Giving Tree a success!!

Happy Holidays from Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital and Resort!!


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