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Uses and Benefits of Laser Therapy

Sep 5, 2016 | Therapy

By Dr. Lindsay Lane, Veterinarian

Laser therapy has a wide variety of uses in veterinary medicine and the list seems to be growing.  Laser therapy is exactly as it sounds.  It involves using a hand held tool against a targeted tissue (location on your pet’s body) to apply therapeutic light waves, which are used to reduce pain, inflammation and accelerate healing.

A therapeutic laser works through a process known as “photobiomodulation” which is a phenomenon that occurs inside the body’s cells, brought on by direct, active light wave therapy to help increase cellular metabolism.  This is primarily the effect that we desire for our therapeutic benefits of accelerated healing, and pain reduction.

The laser provides its healing benefits by the following actions:

  • increases circulation to damaged/healing tissues and provides essential nutrients and oxygen for adequate and rapid healing
  • reduces inflammatory cell production thereby reducing pain, redness, bruising and edema
  • accelerates cellular reproduction and growth for tissues by providing energy for cellular metabolism via the light therapy
  • reduces the formation of (undesirable) scar tissue
Dog receiving laser therapy

Enjoying the Visit

Over 40 years of studies and practical use have proven laser therapy to be an excellent adjunct tool in providing patient relief and care. It provides healing benefits with no sedation required, typically only takes a few minutes to provide (approximately 2-6 minutes per site) and you as the client often can be present during the treatment.

Our staff provides laser therapy protocols unique to each individual pet or targeted treatment area/condition.  During treatment sessions (which may last only a few minutes as stated above) the pet feels no pain from the laser, only a soothing warming sensation over the targeted area. Relief is sometimes immediate depending on the severity of the condition being treated. There are no special precautions or preparations to plan for when deciding to use laser therapy, and the benefits are priceless and proven.

cat laser therapy

Goggles for Patient & Staff

To date, Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital has been using our therapeutic laser to treat a variety of conditions and wounds, which have included (but not limited to) osteoarthritis, post-surgical sites, traumatic wounds, de-gloving injuries, snakebites and burns. We also offer our clients the option to choose laser therapy in the post-operative setting for their pets, specifically for elective procedures such as spays and neuters.

While our standard pain management medications and protocols are extremely efficient in providing the very best care and relief for your pet during these procedures, we would like to make available the latest technologies and therapies to our clients and patients. If requested, the laser will be used on post surgical incisions to help speed the healing process and reduce pain and inflammation of the surgical site, thereby providing your pet with the best in pain and wound care management.

Please talk to one of our educated staff members or doctors about laser therapy and the benefits it could provide to your pet at your next visit.


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