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Micro-chipping and how it works

Jul 21, 2021 | Pet Tips, Prevention

By Dr. Robyn Johnson, Veterinarian

Panic! Your pet is lost and you have no clue where to start. Thousands of pets go missing every year. Did you know there is a way to help increase the chance that your pet will be returned to you?

Micro-chipping offers a permanent identification for your pet. A microchip is a small rice sized chip that is placed under your pets’ skin through an injection. A microchip reader is able to scan your pet and the identification number is revealed. Almost all veterinary hospitals and all shelters have readers to scan pets. A data base will contain your pet’s information including your information to help facilitate the return of your beloved family member. 

There are several different microchip companies but the chip itself remains the same. The companies offer different services in addition to keeping your information for your pets return. Some companies offer free calls to the pet poison control hot lines in case your pet ingests some toxic substance. Some companies also will fax copies of your pets picture to local vets so people can be on the lookout for your pets safe return. It is also important to register your chip and keep your information current with the chip company so your pet can be returned to you.

We have seen countless pets be returned due to them being micro chipped. If you haven’t, please discuss with your veterinarian the benefits of micro-chipping at your next visit.


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